Employee List

Dianne Sharp-Roberg: Director/Owner/Instructor


Dianne Sharp-Roberg has been an instructor and owner of Dance by Dee for over 23 years. She taught creative dance for Rainbows End Child Care/Learning Center for eight years. As a child she danced with Virginia's Tanner's Children’s Dance Theater (CDT) for 12 years with Virginia Tanner as her teacher. She performed on the Romper Room television series with CDT and many performances at Kingsbury Hall. Because of her background with Virginia Tanner, Dance by Dee teaches many of the same concepts. Dianne completed the CDT dance teacher workshop and has taken college courses on child development. She was on the Highland High School Dance Company for three years. Her love of children and dance developed into her passion for teaching the art of dance to others.


Jennifer Roberg-Fulger: Instructor/Choreographer


Jennifer Roberg-Fulger started dancing when she was 5 years old with the opening of Dance by Dee. She has been teaching at Dance by Dee for 12 years. Jennifer was a member of Copper Hills Dance Company all three years in High School. She graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelor degree; Majoring in Socialogy with a minor in dance teaching. She has been the assistant artistic director for the Copper Hills High School dance company for the past five years and has been the ballroom and dance 1 teacher there for two years. Jennifer was awarded the Jordan School District's "New Teacher of the Year" award in 2008. She has choreographed a multitude of pieces for Dance by Dee and Copper Hills and absolutely loves to teach, choreograph, and dance!


Rebecca Roberg-Flegal: Instructor/Choreographer


Rebecca Roberg Flegal started dancing when she was 2 years old with the opening of Dance by Dee. She has been teaching with Dance by Dee for 14 years teaching and choreographing for all dance classes and age groups. She was on Copper Hills High School Dance Company  and was dance company president her senior year. She participated in Ririe Woodbury’s educational workshops in 2003. She was also a part of the University of Utah’s student performances in 2005.

Rebecca has a bachelor’s degree in Community Health Promotion from Northern Arizona University and hopes to improve the health of young children by teaching them the importance of staying active. She also graduated with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2018. 

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