Classes and Prices

Children's Creative

Children learn the basics of dance through exploration. Ballet basics are taught through nursery rhyme and song. We emphasize motor skills for coordination. Dances are discovered through books, objects, and concepts. Classes are also geared toward boy’s creative movement. (preschool-kindergarten)

Young Adult Contemporary/Creative

These classes focus on three different elements of dance (time, space, and energy) with an emphasis in performing. The class prepares student’s for performing, teaches them how to learn choreography quickly, and to create their own choreography using the elements of dance, technique, discipline, and improvisational skills.


1st child- $35.00 a month

Multiple student discounts

2nd child-$30.00 a month

3rd child-$25.00 a month

Each additional student- $20.00

Other Fees

*$65.00 concert fee per student

*$15.00 registration fee for new students

*One time costume fee for older classes (varies)


$35.00 a month



Technique is offered to our oldest three classes. (approx. ages 11-18) It is a quick paced class that focuses directly on technical dance skills, increasing flexibility, and teaches students audition skills.

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