Dance by Dee teaches Artistic/Creative Dance to children and young adults. We provide a relaxing and fun environment where children can explore the world around them and feel more confident in themselves. We do not judge one child against another but work to encourage each individual toward their own accomplishments. Our classes focus on a child exploring a movement rather than just learning it. We take everyday objects like a bouncy ball and encourage our students to think outside the box as to how they could move their bodies like a bouncy ball. 

While our students learn specific dance terms and movements, they also learn the basics of choreography (creating a dance). A dancer needs to be more than a person with all the moves, they need to know how to put those moves together. Any High School or professional dance company will require their members to choreograph. We hope that our classes will prepare our students to take on such challenges.

We now offer the Brazilian Martial Art Capoeira. Classes are offered for boy and girls ages 6-13. Capoeira can be taken in combination with dance classes or separate. Family discounts apply. 

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